Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 342 Coral Reef

"Coral Reef" is a photo collage of life on the coral reef.  It is a 21" x 21" ready to hang (dowel in sleeve on back) wall hanging.  pieced, appliqued, quilted. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 341 Rooster 2

Rooster 2 is another proud creation...20" x 21"

Day 340 Art Bags Sign

This 20" x 27" pieced, quilted sign was made for an "art festival" in Broomfield, but
unfortunately, the organizer didn't advertise, so, we had only a couple of people walking
through the "festival"...which, if you've ever participated in one of these fairs, you know
how disappointing that is because of all the work and expense in putting together your booth.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 339 Silk Sunshine Bag

 Silk Sunshine is made from the rectangle pattern, made from linen and silk, primarily, but also has a couple of small cotton and corduroy patches, lined with pockets and 20" handles and a magnetic snap top closure.

Day 338 Rooster 1 wallhanging

From photo to fabric collage....

Rooster 1 is my first rooster...which I find is more fun than I thought it would be, because of the freedom of creativity.   It's 27" x 20", ready to hang with dowel in sleeve, colorful wallhanging.  It is quilted and appliqued.

Day 337 Rectangle Bag

I call my new pattern for a straightforward little bag made with tapestry fabrics, "rectangle", which is lined with pockets.  All of these new ones have similar technique but very different design...combining mass production with unique creativity.  They are appoximately
10" x 11", with 20" handles, lined with pockets.  This one has beaded/sequined embellishment, and lined with cocoa brown corduroy.

Day 336 potholders

I made these to give away at the Broomfield Harvest Festival, but unfortunately, the lack of promotion by the organizer of this event, meant there were no customers.

Day 335 Mountains/Molehills

Mountains/Molehills is either a wallhanging or a table art piece.  Either way, it's extremely unique.  I can't even begin to tell you how much threads, yarns and fabric pieces are embellished on top of these designer tapestry pieces to make (guess...) mountains and molehills.

Day 334 Giraffe Bag

Giraffe bag is a 10" x 12" x 3", with a savanah motif background with designer tapestry fabrics, and an appliqued giraffe, with 20" giraffe design handles, lined with cocoa brown corduroy and inside pockets.

Day 333 Garibaldi wallhanging

Garibaldi is a 29" x 27" wallhanging, pieced and appliqued, embellished and quilted.

It's a beautiful underwater scene with lots of detail.

Day 332 Favorite Bag

Favorite bag is a large (15" x 20" x 6"), sturdy, heavy duty, lined with pockets and lots of cool embellishments and 22" handles.

Day 331 Elephants Giclee

Elephants is a canvas mounted giclee of an original multi-media (painting, fabric
collage and embellishments mounted on plywood board, ready to hang). 
The original is 31" x 47" while the giclee is 24" x 36", painted over

(because the canvas company couldn't get the color right). 

Day 330 Chickens

OK, so who thought I'd be doing chickens...but they're fun!
A lot of creativity for color and texture.
These are captured in a wallhanging, 24" tall by 22" across, ready to hang
with a sleeve and dowel.  Partly pieced and
partly appliqued, all quilted and embellished with buttons. (chicken feed on the